2014 Best Hair Style and Color Trends





The fashion runways this year are full of inspirational ideas from the world's best hair stylists and colorists. Even if you are not ready for avant garde extremes, you can adapt some of this year's favorite trends into your own fashion & style repertoire to create a beautiful, up-to-date look that is all your own.


Good news for those of us who have little time to stand in front of the mirror. This year's styles are laid-back, fuss-free and relaxed. 

One of the most popular hair styles for 2014 is the bob. This year's bob hair styles come in all flavors, from sleek and smooth to choppy and textured. Side-swept, long pixie cuts are also a great alternative for anyone who is seeking a short women's hairstyle that is fresh and cutting edge.

For those who love longer styles, the options are many. Long, loose waves, effortless tousled curls, and beachy texture are all sought-after looks. Long hair looks fabulous pulled into a low ponytail, which is another favorite on the catwalks this season. (Top stylists have accented pony tails with everything from tiny flowers to wide leather bands and gold metallic accessories.)  Love braids? Braided styles are wildly popular this year, too, from messy Bohemian side braids to two or three tiny accent braids worn with long, flowing waves. One of the most notable braided looks is the “milkmaid braid” which features a wide single braid wrapped once around the head for a look reminiscent of the Renaissance.

Not sure which style will work best for your hair type or face shape? Crowning Glory Salon owner, Rhonda Johnson, will personally work together with you to choose a style that is on-trend and that will have everyone asking, "Who does your hair?"



2014 marks a turn toward a cooler color palette.  Blondes are moving from warm golds to icy, almost silvery hues. Warm, caramel brunettes are transitioning to cool chestnut tones with icy brown highlights.  

Rose-gold hair color is also a huge favorite this year. Rose-gold is a combination of rich copper and apricot tones that combine to create a more vibrant and up-to-date version of strawberry-blond. This color works well for anyone with a light to medium complexion with blue or green eyes. 

If you think you are ready for a color change, make an appointment at Crowning Glory for a color consultation. Together, we can choose the perfect shade for your skin tone and style.



Lack of moisture, extreme heat or cold, and exposure to sun and wind can rob your hair of moisture, leaving it dry, brittle and in desperate need of hydration and nourishment. Take a little time to pamper your hair so that it looks amazing for the upcoming season.


Schedule an appointment for a quick trim to remove damaged, split and dry ends. This will keep split ends from traveling up the hair shaft and causing even further damage to your hair.  


Think of a Redken Chemistry Shot as power boost for your hair. One treatment repairs damage, adds shine, seals and protects the hair cuticle, and restores the health and manageability of your tresses. Chemistry Shots provide intense, targeted hydration and nutrition for all hair types. If overexposure to extreme temperatures or over styling has left your hair in fragile or damage condition, a Redken Chemistry Shot can restore the health and beauty of every strand.


A change in seasons is the perfect time to try a new hair color. You can get amazing effects from a color glaze or demi-permanent color such as Shades EQ, which can be applied over your existing hair color to add a gorgeous new shade. The up-side of a semi permanent color as opposed to a permanent hair color is that the hue will gradually fade over time so there is never a concern about your roots being a different color as your hair grows. After the semi permanent color has faded, you can return to the salon for another glaze application, try a new shade, or simply go back to your natural color. No commitment, no maintenance, and no worries!    




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