Benefits of Keratin Smoothing






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SAY HELLO TO STRONG, HEALTHY HAIR   One of the very best benefits of a smoothing treatment is its ability to repair and reconstruct weak and damaged hair. Over time, chemical processing, aging, and exposure to UV rays can cause your hair to lose its strength and elasticity. Keratin is a protein that is naturally found in healthy hair, but can be depleted as hair ages or as it is exposed to heat styling, chemicals, and environmental toxins. Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy helps to reverse the effects of time by replenishing the essentials that your hair has lost. 

A Keratin smoothing treatment is able to penetrate to the inner core of every strand of hair, filling in areas that are weak, and changing the structure and protein arrangement of each strand. The special formaldehyde-free formula seals the hair cuticle on the outside, too, protecting it from the damaging effects of  from environmental toxins, heat styling, and UV rays. The end result is soft, shiny, smooth, frizz-free hair that has added strength, shine, resilience, and moisture. 

SAY GOOD-BYE TO FRIZZ   If frizz is the bane of your existence, you'll love how a smoothing treatment eliminates frizz! A Keratin Complex treatment will remove up to 95% of frizz and curl. Even on humid days, your hair will be noticeably less frizzy than before your service.

DRY YOUR HAIR IN RECORD TIME   No one really enjoys spending time with a blow dryer.  After a Keratin Complex smoothing service, your hair will dry in about half the time it took prior to your treatment. Less time blow drying means less heat damage to your hair and more time to spend doing something you really enjoy. 

UNBELIEVABLY SOFT & SMOOTH HAIR    Perhaps you're not particularly in love with the texture of your hair. Maybe it's coarse and unruly or maybe it's just dull and dry. One of the best benefits of a smoothing treatment is that the structure of your hair can be changed on a molecular level. When keratin molecules are infused into your hair, the result is a transformation that will leave every hair strand feeling soft, silky, shiny, and unbelievably smooth.  The more often you receive a treatment, the more the texture of your hair will be improved.

EFFORTLESS DAILY STYLING    By improving the texture and condition of your hair, a Keratin Complex smoothing treatment makes styling practically effortless. You no longer have to waste time with a flatiron or blowdryer attempting to straighten and de-frizz your hair each day. You'll wake up with hair that needs very little work to remain smooth and sleek. Your hair will also have fewer tangles and will be easy to brush, comb, and style. 



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