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How often have you purchased a hair care product at a supermarket or another Woodstock hair salon with high hopes of it solving your styling needs, only to be disappointed with the results? It’s difficult to tell just by reading a product label if a particular product will actually live up to its claims. With years of experience behind the chair, Rhonda Johnson, owner of Crowning Glory Salon in Woodstock, can tell you which hair salon products will deliver outstanding results and which ones are better left on the shelf. Having tested scores of beauty and hair care products, Rhonda shares her TOP 5 FAVORITE SALON PRODUCTS below with a few tips for how to get the most from each particular product.   




If you have unruly hair, this is a product that can transform your hair as well as your life. Rhonda highly recommends Align for her Woodstock hair salon clients that need help taming and protecting their tresses. Redken Align offers medium control and helps to tame unruly hair for straighter, smoother styles. Align's formula also contains a protective balm with fortifying sugars that strengthens the hair. Humidity and frizz go hand -in-hand, and Redken Align has an exclusive bonding system developed to lock out humidity and frizz and infuse your hair with deep conditioning agents. The end result is beautiful hair that has sleek straightness and shine. For best results, apply to damp hair and blow dry straight. Follow with a flat-iron for a sleek, straight style, taking care to set the iron to an appropriate temperature for your hair needs.



Here's another favorite at Crowning Glory Salon!  Redken Glass 01 Smoothing Serum is a versatile product that adds high shine and helps to smooth away frizz and “fly-aways”. Glass 01 is light-weight and oil free, so there'll be no sticky product build-up on the hair. This product works well before and after using a flat iron. If Glass is used before flat ironing the hair, the iron will glide remarkably well through the hair without any friction. When used after flat ironing, it will help to control frizz and keep hair sleek, shiny, and smooth. This high-quality product is available in a great dispensing bottle that allows you to control just the right amount needed, and a little goes a long way with Glass 01.  Kick up the shine and flatten the frizz!





Color Wow's Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner are great products for cleansing and conditioning the hair without causing buildup that many other shampoos often do. This mildly-scented shampoo leaves the hair feeling clean, soft and manageable.







Color Wow's Dream Coat Supernatural Spray and for Curly hair are two absolutely amazing leave-in products! Clients are raving about these lightweight, virtually scent-free products. To use Dream Coat Supernatural Spray, simply spray on towel-dried hair, leave for 3 minutes and blow dry using tension with a paddle brush or round brush and then follow-up with light flatironing or curling iron to obtain soft, smooth tresses that last up to 3 shampoos. This fantastic product, helps to block out humidity and harmful UV rays that can cause color to fade. To use the Dream Coat for Curly hair, liberally spray on towel-dried hair. Using a wide-tooth comb, gently work product through curls. Allow to either air dry or dry using a diffuser. Curls will be soft without the crunch.





Fragile hair has specific needs. It can feel brittle, dry to the touch, lack shine and be a challenge to style. Biolage Fiberstrong  Fortifying Crème contains a special formula that targets these needs with  a blend of Intra-Cylane, Bamboo and Ceramide for repairing and strengthening damaged, fragile hair. These active ingredients fill in gaps in the damaged hair cuticle and enhance the feel of each fiber of your hair. This amazing product should be applied to damp, towel-dried hair as a leave-in treatment. After being applied, it will reinforce any weak areas and restore moisture levels so that your hair feels hydrated and healthy. The ultra conditioning formula is paraben free and adds incredible softness. You will get the most benefits of this fortifying crème when used following Biolage Fiberstrong Shampoo and Biolage Fiberstrong Conditioner. Rhonda truly believes these three products, when used together, are like a miracle drug for stressed hair.



For more expert advice on the best hair salon products for your individual hair type and style, visit Crowning Glory Salon in Woodstock, GA.  Rhonda will be happy to schedule a non-rushed, personalized consultation to help you select the best products for your hair’s specific needs.



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