Foil Highlights Woodstock GA


foil highlights Woodstock GA




Highlights and lowlights are the perfect way to add glamour, interest, and dimension to your hair.  In just one salon appointment your hair can be transformed from ordinary to extraordinary with the addition of beautiful color accents.

Highlights and lowlights can take your natural hair color to a whole new level. By strategically placing color, different effects can be achieved. Lighter shades can frame your face or add interest to your natural hair color while darker richer tones can add depth and create a multi-dimensional effect.   

The benefits of professional foil highlights are many:

  • Helps to disguise random gray hair growth. If you're beginning to see those gray hairs you'd rather not see in your hair, highlights can blend the gray hair so that it is camouflaged
  • Adds interest to your existing color without the need for a complete all-over hair color application
  • Accents areas of your hair or face to create a focal point
  • Adds volume and texture, giving your hair more body
  • Adds dimension to your hair by light reflection

Foil highlights are one of the specialties of Crowning Glory Salon in Woodstock.  Make an appointment today and discover how beautiful your hair can be!


Foil Highlights (Basic) - $45 & Up

Highlights and/or lowlights are applied to the crown area, and can be applied to look natural and work with your hair or a high contrast that fits the current trends. Includes shampoo and blowdry.  Pricing is determined according to length & texture of hair (fine/medium/coarse). 
Foil Highlights (Plus) - $65 & Up

Highlights and/or lowlights are applied strategically throughout the entire head to add extra dimension by bringing a lighter shade or a darker, rich shade to your overall color. Includes shampoo and blowdry.  Pricing is determined according to length & texture of hair (fine/medium/coarse). 


** A Redken Chemistry Shot is recommended following highlights and lowlights to keep the hair cuticle (outer layer of each hair strand) closed and smooth and to provide superior conditioning, shine, and manageability. 



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