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If your hair is not naturally wavy or curly, but you long for more volume or a curly style, then a perm is the answer!  Perms of today have advanced tremendously from the formulas that you may remember from years ago.  Perms from Crowning Glory Salon in Woodstock use a gentle solution that will give your hair a soft, relaxed or curly texture. Gorgeous volume and amazing style can be given to limp, straight hair for a look that is beautiful as well as easy to care for. The size and degree of curl can be customized based on your preference.  Loose, gentle waves, ringlets, and a variety of curl sizes can be achieved.

At Crowning Glory Salon, Rhonda offers perms to short-haired clients. Pricing is based on thickness of the hair & whether a full or partial perm is desired.


Short Hair Perm - $85 & Up


Crowning Glory Salon offers a personal, non-rushed setting where you will receive the undivided attention of an experienced stylist with a passion for healthy, beautiful hair! Make an appointment today and discover a Woodstock hair salon experience that is a cut above the rest.


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