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Redken Chemistry Hair Treatment - $25

A deep conditioning treatment such as Redken Chemistry is great for distressed hair. Distressed hair is weakend hair that has been physically changed in some way. There are two key types of hair distress:

    * CHEMICAL DISTRESS: caused by overuse of chemical services such as haircolor, lightening, perming or straightening
    * MECHANICAL DISTRESS: caused by normal wear and tear from blow-drying, curling and flat irons, and every day brushing
Redken Chemistry offers six “shots” that can be blended for truly personalized solutions:
    * Extreme Shot Phase for distressed hair
    * Color Extend Shot Phase for color-treated hair
    * Clear Moisture Shot Phase for normal/dry hair
    * All Soft Shot Phase for dry/brittle hair
    * Smooth Down Shot Phasee for very dry/unruly hair
    * Real Control Shot Phase for dense/dry/sensitized hair
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