Top Hair Salon Tips





After having my hair highlighted several times, I am getting too blonde and losing the dimension. What should I do?

Adding a few lowlights is the best method to darken your hair just a little without going too dark.


Now that I’m getting older, I still want to cover my gray hair but I feel like the darker colors look too harsh. What do you recommend?

Our hair, as well as our skin, certainly changes as we age by losing pigment as well as drying out. You may not prefer to be a blonde, but there are lighter shades of brown that can cover gray just as well as the darker shades. The lighter shades can give a softer effect as we age. Regularly scheduled deep conditioning treatments are a fantastic way to combat the dryness in your hair.

I only have a small amount of gray hair. How can I blend the gray without using a permanent color?

Permanent color is a great tool if there is a great deal of gray, but permanent color leaves a line of demarcation as it’s growing out, so regular touch-ups are a must. Other alternatives are using a demi-permanent color that will blend the gray (not completely cover it) without having that line as the new gray growth starts growing back in. Another awesome way to blend gray is by adding a few highlights just in the crown area of your hair. Highlights can not only blend the gray and keeps the gray roots from being as noticeable as they grow, but they give beautiful dimension to the hair. 




My hair is very thick and coarse. What can I do to tame my mane?

There are many wonderful products out there formulated to maintain thick, coarse hair. Smoothing hair care systems such as Redken’s Smooth Lock shampoo and conditioner works great! Redken also offers Align smoothing crème to be used before blow drying. Smoothing serums such as Redken’s Glass and Kenra’s Silkening Gloss give a silky smooth finish to the hair and can be used before, during and after styling when used on very thick, coarse hair.


Do professional salon products really work better than off-the-shelf brands you can find at the grocery store?

The answer is YES for various reasons. It is important for hair care products to have the proper pH level for your hair, which is between 4.5 – 5.5, to maintain healthy hair. Many over-the-counter products contain harsh chemicals that can cause dryness as well as causing your hair color to fade quicker. Many hairsprays at the grocery store have a good bit of water in them, which causes you to have to use more of it but still not getting the hold you desire.






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