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My hair is frizzy, especially on humid days. Is there anything I can do to control the frizz?

Hot, humid weather is no friend to naturally curly hair or hair that tends to frizz. However, there are a few tricks you might try to tame your unruly locks. 1) Avoid daily shampooing, which can be drying to the hair. Our hair needs natural oils to help fight frizz.  Dry shampoos are a great alternative to daily shampooing. 2) Smoothing shampoos & conditioners such as Redken’s Smooth Lock system can work wonders. Smooth Lock provides a deeper, heavier conditioner that smoothes the hair shaft, which makes it harder for moisture to get in. 3) Use a smoothing/heat protectant serum such as Redken’s Glass or Kenra’s Silkening Gloss before blow drying. If the hair is particularly thick & coarse, additional serum may be applied before flat ironing. 4) Make an appointment for a Redken Chemistry Shot deep conditioning treatment that can be customized especially for your hair.


 Is it harmful to my hair to shampoo every day?

Daily shampooing removes the natural oils from the hair shaft, which is needed to control dryness and frizz and give hair that healthy sheen (without being greasy of course). Dry shampoos are a great alternative to use in between shampoos. If hair is particularly oily and absolutely must be shampooed every day, a gentle shampoo such as Redken’s Clear Moisture shampoo and conditioner are wonderful products for daily use. Clear Moisture is a lightweight system that hydrates the hair shaft without weighing it down.


What can I do to keep from getting split/dry ends?

There are several things you can do to keep those dry, split ends at bay. Probably the most important method would be to have your hair trimmed about every 6-8 weeks. I know, I know, you’re trying to grow your hair out. Healthy hair grows an average of ½” a month, but keeping it trimmed helps to keep it healthy. A minimal amount can be trimmed each time just to keep the dry ends off.


Another important step is to always condition the hair after shampooing. Redken’s All Soft shampoo and conditioner are formulated just for dry hair.

Regular blow drying and flat ironing are leading causes of dry/split ends. It is so very important to protect your hair before styling. Redken’s Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine, Kenra’s Silkening Gloss, and Redken’s Gloss are all amazing products to use before/during/after blow drying and flat ironing. Also, one last tidbit would be to purchase a flat iron where you can set the temperature and then make sure it is not turned up too high for your hair type.

How can I add body to my fine, limp hair?

There are many great products to use for fine hair that needs volume. In fact, most haircare lines offer their volumizing shampoos/conditioners/mousses. Those products are specially formulated to broaden each individual hair strand, making the hair feel thicker and fuller without weighing the hair down. Having your hair long can have just the opposite effect you’re working so hard to obtain. Long hair that is thin or fine can actually accentuate that fact. Having layers put into the hair can have an amazing effect on giving the hair a thicker, fuller appearance.


Help! My hair is over-processed and/or damaged from highlights or color services.

There are several things you can do to help your tresses. My very favorite product to use for over-processed or damaged hair is Matrix’s Fiberstrong shampoo/conditioner and Leave-In Fortifying Crème. When used together, those three products are like a miracle drug for the hair. 

Another thing that works great is Redken’s Chemistry Shot treatments. When you go in for a trim, that’s the perfect time to take advantage of having this customized treatment performed on your hair. Regularly scheduled trims for your locks are vital to the health of your hair and getting those dry, damaged ends off.




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