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Rhonda is a terrific hairstylist, talented and professional, current and caring. After moving to Georgia, I was so happy to find her, and I recommend her highly.
—Claire Cook, international bestselling author of Must Love Dogs 


My hair is long, naturally curly (but not pretty curls...the frizzy, stringy kind), colored and very dry from all the product and straightening I do to tame it. After all the drying and straightening, my hair is left dull and limp so I end up using more product to add shine and lift. I decided to look into the keratin treatment to regain some freedom with my hair. After reviewing local salons and reading reviews, I opted for Rhonda at Crowning Glory Salon. She was kind, thoughtful and informative. The process did not take as long as I thought it would. The smell of the product wasn't bothersome, and this treatment did not have any formaldehyde in it. The first day, I was pleased. Although a little flat, my hair was shiny, straight and remarkably soft. I'll admit that the three days of no shampooing scared me a little because my hair is typically oily after a day of no washing. On day three, even though "heavy", my hair wasn't oily, it was soft and still straight. The true moment of amazement was after I shampooed it! (Let's face it, we can rarely reproduce at home what is accomplished in a salon.) I shampooed it, blew it dry and stood in the mirror with my mouth open. With no product, no straightener, and a lower temp on my blow dryer, my hair was soft, unbelievably shiny, frizz-free and to be completely honest, I couldn't stop touching it! It was gorgeous! I haven't had hair this healthy since I was a child. And as an added bonus: I shed...I mean crazy shedding, like I could make a wig with the hair I lose in the shower, but since the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment, that shedding has been remarkably reduced. I will definitely be doing this treatment again! One more thing to note: since shampooing on day three after the initial treatment, I waited another three days before shampooing. My hair was still not oily, still smelled glorious and remains soft, shiny and manageable. This really has been a hair saver for me. Thank you, Rhonda!
--Shannon Smith Gatlin, Woodstock, GA


I moved to Georgia in 2018 and was very worried about locating an experienced hairstylist to take care of my very fine, thin hair. After calling & talking to many salons, I was unable to locate someone I felt could deliver the results I wanted. While reading customer reviews for Crowning Glory Salon, existing customer comments provided the details I was seeking. Customers described the excellent consistency of haircuts, coloring, etc. One big request I had was a salon professional that could provide a perm for short, straight hair that really needed body. Rhonda was more than capable and experienced in all areas, so I made my first appointment. I was more than thrilled with the results she provided. It has been two years and every appointment so far I have experienced consistent results with cut, color, and curling! I truly feel at home in GA now that my hair looks and feel great!! The salon is so welcoming, the decor is beautiful and Rhonda is great to work with!
--Rita Harrigan, Kennesaw, GA


I love going to Crowning Glory Salon in Woodstock, GA! Rhonda is one of the best hair stylists I have ever worked with. I have moved around the country, and Rhonda is by far the best! She is extremely professional and is located conveniently in the heart of Towne Lake. Rhonda is great with scheduling too. She is very accessible and works with my busy schedule. Rhonda does an amazing job with my haircut, highlights, and lowlights! My hair always looks great and feels so soft. Her salon is very professional, and I love the private and intimate atmosphere. Rhonda is incredible, and every time I leave her salon I'm very pleased!
--Stefanie Gorman, Woodstock, GA

Rhonda Johnson, owner of Crowning Glory Salon is an excellent hair stylist! She is always very personable and accommodating. Rhonda cuts and colors my hair and also cuts my husband's hair. We have both been going to her since 2006 and have been consistently pleased every visit.
--C. Redmond, Woodstock

I have been a client of Rhonda’s since 2006 and always have a great experience in her salon! I visit her monthly for a haircut, color and highlights. I have had many requests for her telephone number when others have complimented my hair. Rhonda truly cares about what her clients want, and she has the skill to make it happen. I look forward to my appointments because I know I will love my hair when I leave!
--Susan Coker, Canton, GA

Rhonda has been cutting my hair at Crowning Glory Hair Salon for four years. Before I went to Rhonda, I would only stay with a stylist about a year or so & then move on to someone else. I’ve stayed with Rhonda because she listens to me and cuts my hair exactly the way I ask her to do it. She’s a Christian, is warm & friendly, very organized, flexible with scheduling and stays current on the latest techniques. I’m so thankful I don’t have to shop around anymore for someone new!
--Judy Holmes, Woodstock, GA

Rhonda has been my hairstylist for 6 years and does a fantastic job! My usual routine is a haircut, color and highlights. Not only do I love the results - my husband does also! This is the first time in my life that whenever I get my hair done, compliments head my way! Even though Crowning Glory Salon is in Woodstock and is very convenient for me, I would travel further for Rhonda’s services!
--Christine Hoyt, Canton, GA

Kudos to Rhonda for dealing with my unwieldy hair! I have naturally curly hair and wear it short because it is easier for me to deal with. As I have aged, my hair has gone beserk-- one side curlier than the other, thinning hair, gray hair--what next?! Rhonda works miracles with my hair-- cutting, coloring, highlighting and styling-- she also waxes my almost non-existent eyebrows and somehow makes them look good. Rhonda also stays current with new products that will work with my hair. Not only is she a magician for your hair, she does all this in a warm and friendly environment.
--Judy Walsh, Canton, GA


Rhonda is the consummate professional! She has been takaing care of my hair for several years--cut, color, and (keratin) smoothing. You can't find better!

--Waynette Helms, Woodstock, GA

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