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How do you know which hair color is right for you? The key factors to consider are “contrast” and the underlying color of your skin tone. Hair color is one of the specialties of Crowning Glory Salon in Woodstock, and owner Rhonda Johnson is always delighted to schedule a personal hair color consultation to help you choose exactly the right shade.

Generally it looks best when there is a contrast between your hair color and the color of your skin.  If your hair color is too closely matched to your skin color, your facial features will disappear. For instance, clients with lighter skin tones would want to avoid choosing a blonde hair color that blends with their skin color. 

brunette hair color

  • Choosing a shade that is lighter or darker than your skin color will provide definition and the contrast needed to frame your face.   The lighter your skin color, the lighter you can go with your hair color. If you have light colored skin that is warm, go for butterscotch and amber shades. If your light colored skin tone is cool, go for platinum or champagne shades.

  • If your complexion is rosy, stay away from reds, auburns, and brassy gold hair colors. Choose hair colors that have more cool color undertones such as cool walnut browns or hues with ash or violet undertones.

  • If your complexion is dark, choose a hair color that is darker or lighter than your skin color. Deep brunettes and dark almost black Espresso colors look amazing next to dark skin tones as well as lighter shades that provide a dramatic contrast. Lighter Asian skin colors look fabulous with darker hair color as well.

  • For olive skin tones, choose a hair color that is cooler instead of warmer.   Ebony browns, mocha browns or colors with violet undertones can be perfect for olive colored skin.  

  • Highlights can also be a great addition to your hair color in order to create depth and a multi-dimensional effect. Just a few carefully placed foils can frame your face, add definition or create interest.  

Make an appointment at Crowning Glory Salon in Woodstock today for a personal hair color consultation.  Discover a Woodstock hair salon experience that is a cut above the rest!  




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