Tips for the Perfect Haircut




If you are looking for more than just the "standard haircut" that you will normally receive in many other Woodstock hair salons, come to Crowning Glory!  You'll find haircutting services that are customized specifically for you.  We will begin your appointment with a personal consultation to discuss your lifestyle, preferences, and needs which will help in choosing a perfect haircut to compliment your image.

So, how do you choose the perfect haircut?  Probably the most important first step is choosing a hair stylist that will listen to you.  At Crowning Glory Salon, Rhonda values your opinion because no one knows your hair better than you!  The next trick is finding a haircut that will balance and flatter your facial shape and features. 

  • If your face is square shaped,  haircuts that are shoulder length or longer will be a good option.  Soft asymetrical haircuts are great!  So are hairstyles in which your hair can be parted on the side with side fringe or side swept bangs.  This helps to soften the lines a square face shape.  It is generally best to avoid haircuts that have horizontal type lines such as short chin-length bobs and straight across bangs that can make your face appear to be even more square shaped.

  • If you have a facial shape that is more rounded, then you should normally avoid styles that are super short or above shoulder length.  Opt instead for a longer hair style with some layers around your face that can be swept away from your cheekbones.  If you like bangs, then choose a style with long bangs that are wispy at the sides of your forehead. 



  • Is your face heart shaped?  Heart shaped faces look fabulous with styles that create volume around the chin or waves in the lower half of your hair. Avoid having too many curls or too much volume in the upper part of your hair, and concentrate instead of volume in the lower half.  This will help to create balance.

  • If your face is long, stay away from haircuts and styles that are straight and past shoulder length as this can make your face look even longer. Choose haircuts and styles that are near or above your shoulders, and add soft waves  or curls to your hair for some volume on the sides to balance the length of your face.



Do you need an updated style? Choose a Woodstock hair salon that strives for excellence. Make an appointment at Crowning Glory Salon in Woodstock today for a personal consultation. 




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